• Discover Your Goals
  • Take Consistent Action
  • Become a Goal Achieving Machine!

Imagine if you could focus for 90 days on achieving the ONE BIG GOAL; the one that has the power to greatly improve your life, business, or career.

Take a moment to picture how achievement would FEEL. 

That strength, the clarity, the confidence. 

  • How would that momentum impact the rest of your year? 
  • How would it set you up for success in 2018?  

Let me ask you a question ...

  • How many times have you sat down to write a list of goals? 
  • How many of those goals have you actually accomplished?  


Don’t be embarrassed. 

The majority of people are great at making goals but soon after forget about them entirely (I am guilty of this sometimes too). Then we beat ourselves up over our lack of follow through. Or even worse, we kill ourselves trying to reach a goal - so much so that when we reach it, we’re exhausted by the effort.  

I’ve been there. 

Sometimes I struggled because of a lack of follow through. Usually this was due to having set the wrong goals – ones that were not truly important to me or my life.  

Sometimes it was more a matter of not having set myself up for success with a solid plan for achievement. 

When I was able to start consistently taking action to meet my short term goals I was able to achieve much greater success. 

This brought me faster career advancement…greater financial success…and more confidence in myself as a leader.  

Don’t get me wrong—it wasn’t always easy.  

• Some times those goals took me outside of my comfort zone.  

• There were times that I needed to lean on others for accountability in order to reach those goals.  

• I struggled to find systems that worked for me.  

At one point, I became so caught up in the hamster wheel of goal achievement that I lost all balance in my life, and worked ridiculously long hours until I became ill.  

This was my wake up call.  

Now I’m on a mission to guide others along their journey. It does not have to be this hard! You can reach your goals and still have balance in your life. Let me show you how...

  • Ready to make progress towards your goals? 
  • To end 2017 with that feeling of pure accomplishment? 
  • Ready to look towards the New Year with excitement?  

This 90 Day Challenge is for you if:

You’re a female professional (solopreneur, entrepreneur/business owner, or leader in your company) AND Your aspiration is to achieve MORE in your business, career, and life. AND You want a balanced way that makes goals more achievable. AND You’re ready to take ACTION now!  

The ideal Group member is:

  • Open and eager to share and receive feedback on their goals, struggles, and successes  
  • Ready to take action daily (in a way that realistically fits into your schedule)  
  • Open to being held accountable by and to the other group members  
  • Eager to form relationships with like minded women  
  • Not afraid to give and take feedback from/to others  
  • Able to commit to not missing more than 3 meetings  

Imagine yourself at the end of the challenge:

You’ll have:  

  • crystal clear clarity around your goals 
  •  implemented daily success building habits  
  • a simple step by step action plan to follow (no wondering what’s next)  
  • the kind of confidence that only comes from 90 days of consistent momentum 
  • the satisfaction of ending the year off on a high note  
  • excitement at the possibilities of a new year  
  • a network of women to support and encourage you 

Here’s How it All Works:

DATE: This group will kick off on Tuesday, September 26 at 12:00 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern and ends the week of December 20.  

LOCATION: All calls are held virtually and you will be given a login to participate via your computer (a computer with video capability is necessary). 

All sessions will be recorded so you can listen to the recording. Note: In order to receive the greatest value from this group I do ask that you commit to not missing more than 3 sessions.  

The Challenge Includes: 

  • Virtual Happy Hour kick off party on September 26  
  • 9 weekly 60-75 minute group coaching calls (including tips for productivity, goal setting, and success habits)
  • Accountability check-ins, and “hot seats” (to gain feedback and coaching from the group). “Hot seats” are your chance to request extra help. Imagine 10 minutes where we answer a question, battle a road block, give feedback, or talk out a dilemma  
  • Private Facebook group for daily accountability check-ins, support, and encouragement 
  •  Weekly worksheets to help you stay focused and give you the skills needed for success 

BONUS: Wondering how to choose just one area to focus on for the 90 days? I have the PERFECT bonus for you! A 45 minute private coaching call to brainstorm and get clear on your area of focus for the 90 days (to be scheduled prior to the kick off party on September 26).  

REGISTER BY SEPTEMBER 15 and also receive an additional private coaching call at the end of the 90 Days to set a path for continued success.


In the future this group coaching program package will be priced at $699 but for the pilot program the price will be reduced by 50% to $349. 

Know a friend who you’d like to bring on this journey? For this introductory group if you register before September 15 and bring a friend you can both receive an additional 20% discount. ($279 each). Since spaces are limited, please register as a single and if you bring a friend, email me at 2jeancarpenter@gmail.com and I will refund your discount.


This program is all about taking action. What you get out of it will be equal to what you put into it. Helping you along this journey is my mission and I’m committed to making sure you’re 100% satisfied...always. If after attending the 10 weekly calls, following through with the program, and participating in the private Facebook group you’re not happy you can just let me know what value you did receive from the program and I will refund you the difference. 

Don’t miss your chance to gain momentum with clarity and ease. 

REGISTER now and BRING A FRIEND for even greater savings. 



When I started working with Jean the weight of my uncertainty caused me to avoid setting goals. I craved growth and fulfillment but struggled with even motivating myself to achieve it. With Jean’s help I was able to uncover the fears and move through those limiting beliefs that had previously made goal setting feel...HEAVY. Now I have clarity and am actually EXCITED to set new goals. 

My time with Jean means that I didn’t have to make the journey alone. I’m incredibly grateful for all her wise guidance and support.

~Lori Anderson, Seattle, WA

Jean is an outstanding success coach. Our lunch time conference calls were invaluable. Thank You Jean for leading and partnering with me to help target my personal goals and desires.

~Jennifer Bennett, Vancouver WA